Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Where can you find coupons?"

Many people ask "where can you find coupons?". Well, coupons are everywhere! When you're first starting out couponing, it may seem like you're never going to be able to get a good pile of coupons. Well no worries, there are many sources out there..
1.) the Sunday newspaper
2.) ALL YOU magazine (available at Walmart)- has usually $80-$100 worth of coupons!
3.) make an email address specifically for couponing, requesting samples almost always come with coupons.
4.) write your favorite product companies and give them feedback- whether it be negative or positive they will usually send you some pretty good coupons.
5.) print coupons from home-,, and are the 3 most trusted and best sites for printable coupons. ( can print each coupon twice from each computer, so be sure to hit that back button and then refresh to print that 2nd time!)
6.) watch for blinkie coupons in your stores, also look on product packages for some peelie coupons!

now get out there and keep your eyes peeled for some coupons!   :)

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