Sunday, February 12, 2012

List of most commonly used "Coupon Lingo"

These are just a few of the "coupon lingo" words, but you will see these quite often!

-BOGO- Buy One, Get One
-B1G1- Buy One, Get One
-B2G1- Buy Two, Get One
-ECB- ExtraCare Buck, CVS money
-MIR- Mail in Rebate
-MANUFACTURE, MFR- Company that makes the product
-OOP- How much money you will be paying Out Of Pocket
-OYNO- On Your Next Order (ex: "Spend $$, save $$ OYNO")
-ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE- One coupon per ITEM, each item is a purchase!
-ONE COUPON PER TRANSACTION- One of that coupon per transaction. can do multiple transactions in order to use multiple of that coupon (every time you pay, you are completing a transaction)
-PEELIE- Sticker coupons found on product packaging in the store
-PG, P&G- Proctor & Gamble
-PURCHASE- Buying an item. Buy 10 items in single shopping trip, you just made 10 purchases
-Q- Coupon
-Q insert- Coupon booklet in the Sunday newspaper (ex: SS, RP and P&G)
-RP- RedPlum
-RR- Register Rewards, Walgreens money
-RAINCHECK- Paper slip that you can request when a sale item is out of stock. When the item is restocked and the sale is over, you are entitled to still receiving the sale price
-STACKING COUPONS- When using a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on one item
-STOCKPILE- To buy several of the same item at a cheap price
-STOCKPILE- Storage of items that you have stocked up on while at a cheap price
-STORE COUPON- A coupon made by store, can often be stacked with manufacture coupons
-SS- SmartSource
-WAGS- Walgreens
-WYB- When You Buy, (ex: "$1 each WYB 2")

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