Monday, January 23, 2012


After months of being offline..I'm finally ready to get back to my blog! These past few months have been so busy..we had our 3rd child (a beautiful baby girl!), after 6 1/2 years Justin and I finally got hitched ;)  and between the hubs working, going to school for Law Enforcement and being in the have kept me busy, busy, BUSY!

So lately I've been ADDICTED to Pinterest..if you have no idea what it is, go check it out! I have to admit..we bought our house almost 4 years ago and the only thing I have on my walls are a few old family pictures. I'm just not very good at decorating and it's just frusterating for me, trying to figure out what goes with what..what colors look good together..this &'s just a headache for me. But this site has given me so many ideas! I have finally got a good idea of how I want my house to look and I cannot wait until the city garage sales start up. I'll be keeping my eye out for old furniture and I'll be happy to be able to open up the windows and be able to paint my kitchen cupboards. In a few months my house will have a nice homey-feel to it! So I think I'll be posting some DIY tips also to help show some ways to save money if you need to give your home a little (or if you're like me.. A HUGE!) makeover!  :)

I'm so excited to be back!

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