Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I truly have fallen in love with my stockpile..is that weird?! :)

picture #1 - My bathroom/stockpile closet (i need to find time to reorganize it!)

picture #2 - bottom shelf has my samples, bar soap. top shelf has all my FREE Nexcare bandaids :) plus some really cheap Sesame Street bandaids, my kids love that show! in front, i have all the money making Cascade, FREE office supplies, and a few packages of diapers.

picture #3 - bottom has female deodorants, wipes, q-tips. middle row has the FREE Old Spice, FREE Swiffer 360s and in the pink makeup case is where i put my stockpiled cosmetic items/chapsticks/hair ties. top row has my medicine box and also my toothbrush/floss box (i added a few more so now the lid won't close, so had to start a 2nd toothbrush box.)

pictures #4-6 - bodywash, lotion, mouthwash, haircare and all my FREE hair stylers! :)  Also have the CHEAP Tylenol Precise patches and the FREE neti pot that i've been trying to get Justin to try out but he refuses, haha.

 picture #7 - one of the reasons i have to reorganize..i can't get to my toothpaste that's hiding back there!

picture #8 - female products and the $0.49 Kandoo Wipes!

picture #9 - Justin's face wash, razors, shaving cream, and deodorant.

picture #10 - my ALMOST FREE razors!  :)

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