Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Company Contacts

Did you know that when you contact a business, a lot of them will mail you coupons and/or even some goodies! So I decided to write a list of companies that I contact & what I receive, to make it a little easier on your searching for company contacts :)

Birds Eye (Voila): (4) "FREE Birds Eye Voila (up to $7.99)" coupons
Blistex: (2) "$0.25 off Any Blistex Lip Care product" coupons
Lansinoh: Call 1-800-292-4794 or email : (3) Breast Milk Storage Bags
Pampers Kandoo: (3) "$1 off ANY Pampers Kandoo Product" coupons
Spic and Span: (1) "FREE Spic and Span Product (up to $6.00)" coupon
Sweet Baby Ray's: (1) "$1 off ANY Sweet Baby Ray's" & (1) FREE Product coupons
Tidy Cats: Call 1-800-778-7452 : (2) "$2 off ANY Tidy Cats brand Cat Litter" coupons

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