Monday, July 25, 2011

7-17 Walmart Shopping Trip #2

(10) Cascade 3pk $0.97  -paid: FREE+ $0.03 OVERAGE each!
(6) Herbal Essences stylers $2.88  -paid: FREE+ $0.12 OVERAGE each!
(2) Aussie stylers $2.84  -paid: FREE+ $0.16 OVERAGE each!
(6) Ivory 3pk Barsoap $0.97  -paid: $0.47 each
(2) Old Spice Fresh Collection Bodywash (trial size) $0.97  -paid: $0.97 each
(2) Old Spice Fresh Collection Body Spray $4.47  -paid: FREE
(2) Zyrtec 5ct $5.27  -paid: $0.27 each
(6) Febreze To Go $1.97  -paid: $1.97 each
(6) Febreze Air Effects $2.66  -paid: FREE
(2) NYC Nail Polish $1.72  -paid: $0.72 each
(2) NYC Mascara $1.72  -paid: $0.72 each
(2) NYC Eyeliner Duet $1.86  -paid: $0.86 each

(10) $1 off any Cascade
(8) $3 off any Aussie/Herbal styler with purchase of another Aussie/Herbal product
(6) $0.50 off any Ivory soap
(2) Buy ANY Old Spice Fresh Collection product (TRIALSIZE IS INCLUDED!), get Old Spice Body Spray FREE
(2) $5 off Zyrtec 5ct -printable no longer available
(6) Buy ANY Febreze fabric freshener (TRIALSIZE IS INCLUDED!), get Febreze Air Effects FREE
(2) $1 off any NYC lip/nail item priced at $1.72 or higher -printable no longer available
(4) $1 off any NYC eye makeup priced at $1.72 or higher -printable no longer available

TOTAL: $98.28
PAID: $20.38


  1. What a great trip!! Which Walmart did you find the trial Cascades? I've been looking for weeks but have never seen them. :(

  2. I also have a question about the Aussie/Herbal coupons. I thought the $3.00 coupons were good when you buy 2 stylers, but I see you used 1 coupon per item. How did this work for you? Thanks!

  3. What a great deal! I actually cut/pasted your two Walmart trips and just did a little shopping! Got $32.12 worth of products for $3.46! (Casdade packs, Herbal stylers, Old spice body wash and body spray) Thanks for your great tips! My savings would have been even higher, but couldn't find the Frebreze TO GO...was that in the travel size area or the Febreze aisle?

  4. Thank you! The Febreze To Go can be found in the Travel section. I went to two Walmarts and one did not carry them, but luckily the 2nd store did. Thank you for visiting my visiting my blog! :)

  5. @ Lori H. - I responded to you through a post last night due to problems with my Blogspot. It's still acting funny, but it's finally letting me respond as a visitor, lol.