Monday, June 4, 2012

FREE Giftcards & More with the click of a 'SuperLucky' button!

If you don't have a SuperPoints account, I recommend you sign up! Each day you are giving a certain amount of "clicks" for the SuperLucky Button. Every click is a chance to win SuperPoints. You may also complete offers and surveys to earn more. You just save your SuperPoints until you are ready to redeem them for FREE Gift Cards & More! It is so easy..each day I just log in, go to the SuperLucky Button and my SuperPoints just add up. They also send you emails with extra SuperPoints. Join SuperPoints to start earning today!
*Be sure to complete your Profile to receive your bonus Superpoints and your 30 Lucky Button Spins! :)


  1. How much do you win on SuperLucky button after the change that they've had?
    It seems that I've started to win much less!
    I'm considering switching full-time to Gifthulk and their Treasure box and search wins... Or to Swagbucks, but they have only the search for the wins.

    1. I noticed a difference for about an entire week when they first had the change.. but it's been picking up again, so hopefully it was just some bad luck at the time. I do both Superpoints & SwagBucks and I love them!